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Love Knows No Age

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Harold Terens and Jeanne Swerlin were introduced by a mutual friend in 2021. This June they’ll be married, surrounded by their families, in France in a small town near the beach. It’s your wonderful, typical love story. However, in this case Harold is a 100-year-old World War II veteran and Jeanne is the 96-year-old “girl” he fell in love with. Clearly, love knows no age.

Before being married, Harold will be honored by the French as part of the 80th anniversary celebration of their country’s liberation from the Nazis. That beach he and Jeanne will be married near is where the U.S. troops landed. It’s a place Harold saw as a 20-year-old U.S. Army Air Forces corporal. Furthermore, the mayor in the town of Carentan-les-Marais will officiate. While he’s actually only supposed to marry residents, the Mayor is making an exception for Harold and Jeanne.

Second Chance

Indeed, by all accounts Harold and Jeanne are exceptional people. Both widowed, they each grew up in New York City. Their first meeting didn’t produce any sparks. Harold had not been interested in other women since losing his wife of 70 years. However, at their second meeting the sparks flew. It was love at second sight. 

Jeanne said she was also in love. According to her, Harold immediately began introducing her to people as “his girl, his sweetheart. Being in love is not just for the young. We get butterflies just like everybody else.”

Harold got down on one knee to propose, and according to Jeanne got back up on his own. The pair has many shared interests including dancing. With the help of Siri they hit the floor to “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. And, again, according to Jeanne, Harold is a great kisser.

At The 100 Year Lifestyle we know that relationships are key components to healthy longevity and living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle. Without a doubt, Harold and Jeanne are living, loving proof that you’re never too old…for anything. We wish them every joy in their new life together. If you’re curious to learn more about both of these great grandparents, and about Harold’s incredible military service, including a secret mission, keep reading


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